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During its debut at the International Motorcycle Fair in Cologne, Energica Motor Company underlined the role played by CRP Technology and CRP Meccanica in the ramp up of 2017. Energica CEO Livia Cevolini: “CRP’s managerial and technological imprinting allows us to be unique “

Energica, the Italian company of high-performance electric motorcycles, made its debut at Intermot, and wanted to underline the importance of the role played by CRP Meccanica and CRP Technology.

The leading biennial motorcycle show offered the opportunity to sum up the Energica’s story so far, highlighting on the ramp-up reached in the 2017 with the close involvement in the MotoE project:

“Being chosen as single manufacturer for the inaugural FIM Enel MotoE World Cup is for us the consecration of our product as unquestioned point of reference at a global level for the high- performance electric motorcycle sector.  It is confirmation of a job well done”, stated Livia Cevolini, CEO Energica Motor Company.

“Energica has in itself a unique duality: freshness, enthusiasm and the passion of a young team on one hand, and hard-won consolidated managerial experience on the other hand, thanks to CRP Technology and CRP Meccanica, pioneer in international motorsport and center of high-tech excellence since 1970.”

A concrete example is the Electronics department, which is among the flagships of the Energica’s Innovation. “CRP Technology’s and CRP Meccanica’s method” has played a fundamental role on its development. Giampiero Testoni, CTO Energica, “In these years we have been able to inherit the experience of CRP Meccanica and CRP Technology by applying it to a new field. We never stopped at the status quo that current technology offered. We continued to do research, creating new know-how, and we wrote a new grammar with our innovation “.

CRP Technology’s and CRP Meccanica’s know-how has supported Energica from the early design phases, playing a fundamental role in the development of the motor and battery not only of the Energica motorcycles currently on the market, but also of the Energica Ego Corsa, the all-electric superbike for the 2019 FIM Enel MotoE ™ World Cup.

Energica Ego Corsa final version will be unveiled at EICMA 2018

The green heart of Ego Corsa racebike is a synchronous oil-cooled motor with permanent magnets. It allows a maximum continuous power of 120 kW and a torque of 200 Nm. Ego Corsa accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in less than 2.8s to reach a top speed up to 270km/h – (168 mph).

Ego Corsa does not have a gearbox or a clutch. Everything is regulated by the ride-by-wire system, allowing you to control the acceleration torque of the motor and deceleration based on the regenerative torque or engine braking.

The R&D team is already committed on this bike, working on driveability on the track, and then on track specifications. However Ego Corsa will have many connections with the production bike.

During the French GP several tests were performed with an updated version of the 2019 Ego Corsa prototype.

A new battery combined with updated suspension/brake settings, new brakes and ratios, were all evaluated. This new racing-spec battery has +50% more power and storage in a package that is smaller in size and lighter. A new fairing with improved aerodynamics is also undergoing exhaustive tests with the goal to improve the efficiency of the whole package.

MOTOR Permanent Magnet AC, Oil Cooled
MAX SPEED up to 270km/h – (168 mph)
POWER kW Approx 120 kW
TORQUE 200 Nm from 0 to 5000 rpm
BATTERY High Voltage Lithium Ion-  Battery pack: approx. 20 kWh
RECHARGE Fast Charge DC Mode 4
TYRE Michelin
FRAME Steel Tubular Trellis
SWINGARM Cast Aluminum

CRP Group

The CRP Group is made up of specialised companies dedicated to providing clients with the very latest technological solutions

The CRP Group is made up of specialised companies dedicated to providing clients with the very latest technological solutions.

The CRP Group has its headquarters in Modena, Italy’s renowned motor valley.

From 1970 CRP is a pioneer in the world of international motorsports and a hub of excellence for its state-of-the-art technologies.

With more than 45 years of experience in the world of F1 and more than 20 years of experience in Additive Manufacturing, CRP Group is distinguished by its know-how in specific application fields including but not limited to: automotive and motorsports, design, aerospace, UAVs, marine, entertainment, defence, and packaging.

CRP Meccanica provides High Precision CNC machining for industries as motorsports, automotive, aerospace, space and marine. It also offers services to companies that require a high level of customization and accuracy. The CNC centre at CRP Meccanica maintains the latest CNC technologies and practices in the industry.

CRP Technology offers part production for short- and low-run production, and prototyping services with advanced 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing solutions. As a material provider, CRP Technology develops, manufactures and sells its proprietary material Windform® for Laser Sintering.

Based in Mooresville, North Carolina, CRP USA is partnered with CRP group.

CRP USA resides in the heart of the southern industrial and manufacturing hub, and is surrounded by growing aerospace and motorsports communities.

CRP USA manufactures on-car and wind tunnel components for racing teams and has taken this expertise to new heights to produce parts for the space, entertainment and automotive sectors using Windform® materials and Additive Manufacturing.

In 2010 the CRP Group decided to invest in the new field of sustainable vehicles by creating Energica.

CRP Group acted as a technology and financial incubator, and it is still today the lead investor of Energica Motor Company, since it has become an independent entity. The Italian company of high-performing electric motorcycles has been chosen by Dorna as single manufacturer for FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup.

Ego Corsa, the Energica’s electric racebike for the FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup, will be developed through CRP Group’s know-how.

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