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Lubriserv is offering crushers that are able to dissolve large swarf bundles and provide an even flow of crushed swarf.

This simplifies the transport and treatment of swarf, such as centrifuging.

Crushed, short chips carry a higher price than long swarf, because it is easier to handle when re-melted in steel works and foundries.

Long swarf can sometimes be used when melting in cupola furnaces.

As well as the direct economical gain from crushed swarf, there are various other advantages, according to the company.

The volume is reduced three to six times, which results in a lower cost for internal and external transportation; in addition, less storage space is required.

Bushy swarf and large swarf bundles always contain a lot of fluid and, because they have a large surface and low density, they will corrode fast.

When such swarf is charged in melting furnaces, it causes heavy smoke, which causes a heavy load on baghouses.

After crushing, it is possible for the fluid to be removed and the density reduced.

Lubriserv crushers – especially designed for bushy swarf – have low operating costs and are said to be less noisy than alternatives.

The crushers can receive large bundles of bushy swarf, break them down and supply an even flow of swarf to the following treatment stages.

This property is key to optimum capacity utilisation and the smooth running of a swarf-handling system.

The crusher runs at low speed, which means a low noise level (lower than the ambient noise in a machine shop), low energy consumption and low maintenance costs.

The automatic lubrication system, the reversing equipment and the bar-end rejector contribute to a problem-free operation.

The crushers can be supplied with different optional equipment, such as level switches and fine crushing tools.

The company’s crushers range from 7.5kW, which will process 400-700kg/h of steel chips or 150-250kg/h of aluminium chips, to 37kW, which will process 5,000-8,000kg/h of steel chips or 1,650-2,650kg/h of aluminium chips.

These figures are dependant on the type of swarf and its volume/weight, size and shape.

The KB vertical crusher receives large bundles of bushy swarf, breaks them down and will supply an even flow of swarf to the following treatment stages, such as to a swarf centrifuge or a briquetter.

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