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Cruzin’ Machine has revealed how it is utilising VX Corporation’s VX CAD/CAM software to produce custom ‘machine art’ parts and accessories efficiently and inexpensively.

Using the software, Tim Kruse, owner of Cruzin’ Machines, is often able to respond to customer’s design requests and produce the part in less than a day.

Kruse imports the image directly into VX creating the base outline of the artwork.

While he is doing that, he also thinks about how it is going to be used.

For example, if a piece of Cruzin’ Machine art is going to be used as an air cleaner cover on a motorcycle, Kruse obviously has to allow for the screw or bolt holes where the cover attaches.

He said: ‘I can import a template of the air cleaner and scale the overlying image with VX so it fits.’ Kruse’s artistic judgment plays a significant role in the process.

He adjusts the image, adding lines and contours so that function and form balance, becoming elements in the overall design.

The result is a part that not only looks good but works well.

Kruse uses VX integrated machining to create his parts, so that by carving different levels of contours, he creates a relief image in the metal that has a great deal more depth than a simple metal silhouette.

He said: ‘Once the image is frozen, and the customer has approved it, I use VX to create NC code, which drives the machines to create the part exactly as the customer wanted it.’ After machining, the part is polished and then can be finished with a variety of surface treatments: chrome, copper, or gold plating, etching or powder coating.

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