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CSEM has developed Icycom, an RF system-on-chip (SoC) integrating a 900MHz low-power RF transceiver, a 32-bit 150uA/MHz dual-MAC DSP RISC core with 96kibytes of SRAM.

Icycom runs off a 1V supply, compatible with a single alkaline cell, and is optimised for long battery life, consuming 3.5mA in receiving active mode, 40mA for 10dBm transmission and 1.1uA in standby with RTC running.

Additional peripherals such as a voltage-divider are all included on the same chip.

This addresses lithium batteries, ADC, SPI, I2C, UART and I2S.

The Icycom SoC opens the way to ultra-compact, autonomous wireless systems such as WSN, BAN and others.

Samples and development kits are available.

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