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The new Cyclo Blast coolant-through-spindle (CTS) system from MAG enables owners of Fadal vertical machining centres (VMCs) to maximise machine efficiency and extend tool life.

Available from MAG as a retrofit on Fadal’s line of small VMCs, Cyclo Blast is performance rated for 15,000rev/min and up to 1,000psi (68.9bar) fluid pressure, meeting or exceeding CTS tooling requirements for most applications including deep-hole drilling.

The retrofit is available for all 40-taper Fadal VMCs, including the 3016 and 4020 models, regardless of the machine’s original CTS setup.

The retrofit can be installed in as little as two hours and the simple design eliminates the need for an extended drawbar post, making servicing the system as quick and simple as non-CTS systems.

Complete systems are available for machines not previously fitted with CTS.

The Cyclo Blast system is mechanically concise and designed using rotary union technology for reliability and extended seal life.

Dan Cooper, product manager for MAG Services, said: ‘Leaky coolant seals can cause the drive belts to slip, resulting in rigid tapping and part-cutting issues.

‘A leak-proof belt drive and head area ensures longer life for drive belts, motor mounts and other vulnerable components,’ he added.

A non-air-driven system, Cyclo Blast reduces shop air supply requirements because it does not require a vacuum pump to keep the post bearing cool or to clean up spilled coolant.

The system includes a diverter valve to halt coolant flow instantly when the pump is shut off and to provide instant flow when restarting.

There is a one-year warranty on all Cyclo Blast system replacement parts.

Cooper continued: ‘This high-pressure CTS system breaks up the chips to facilitate evacuation, minimise tool overheating and extend tool life.

‘The ability to control tool overheating also allows faster feed rates, higher productivity and higher surface quality,’ he said.

Pumping coolant directly through a machine’s spindle to the cutting tool is said to boost productivity and optimise runtime by as much as 200 per cent in some applications.

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