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Thorite can supply cylinders with integral self-adjusting air cushioning, designed for use in a variety of machinery found in the manufacturing, packaging, printing, food and processing industries.

Festo’s DSNU-PPS cylinders are said to provide the benefits of adjustable air cushioning, but without set up or adjustment for varying speed or mass and without the need to open or work within guards.

The self-adjusting cylinders cost less than adjustable air-cushioning versions and provide superior cushioning performance to elastomer buffers, according to the company.

Full information on the cylinders is available on the Thorite website and they can be ordered for next-day delivery from the company’s National Distribution Centre.

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Festo manufactures pneumatic and electrical components and systems to support customers with factory and process automation. The company has an annual turnover in excess of 1.7 billion Euro, employs 12,800 people around the world and has facilities in 176 countries around the world. Festo operates an aggressive R&D programme investing 7.5% of sales annually, holds over 2,800 worldwide patents, introduces about 100 innovative new products to the market every year and has a product range of over 30,000. For more information about the company’s products and services, please visit our website.  

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Festo Didactic, the training and consultancy division of Festo, supports organisations seeking to develop competencies in sales & service, leadership, employee engagement, change management, team-working, coaching, business planning, production processes and automation technology. The division has particular expertise in working with manufacturing and engineering businesses. It has a full time workforce of over 200 and operates in 70 countries worldwide. Each year, it manages more than 230 consultancy projects and runs more than 2,900 open courses in 26 languages, involving some 42,000 participants. For more information about Festo Didactic, please visit the Festo website and follow the link.

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