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Rapid Sheet Metal has developed a rapid tooling system for custom sheet metal hinges.

It is claimed that the tooling system’s flexibility permits most sheet metal fabrications featuring custom hinges to be prototyped in under two weeks for less than USD1,000 (GBP605).

‘By eliminating the long lead times associated with punch press tooling for hinges, mechanical engineers and product developers can test and iterate their designs that incorporate hinges in weeks instead of months,’ said James Jacobs, president of Rapid Sheet Metal.

Traditionally, designers are limited to the hinge tooling that their production sheet metal fabricator has in inventory unless they are willing to pay up to USD5,000 and wait two or more weeks for tooling to produce their specific hinge design geometry.

Rapid Sheet Metal recognised that this compromised the flexibility of its customers when designing sheet metal parts such as enclosures, boxes, doors and covers.

After hearing multiple tales of frustration, Rapid Sheet Metal investigated the feasibility of a low-cost, fast-turn custom hinge tooling system and in quick order, was able to implement it.

Custom hinge tooling can be manufactured for rapid sheet metal parts made of aluminium, cold-rolled steel and stainless steel.

In addition, Rapid Sheet Metal offers in-house powder design, which provides a durable, coloured finish, and out-sourced plating services.

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