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Cutwel has introduced an advanced solid carbide milling cutter from YG-1 for machining hardened steels, stainless steels, alloy and non-alloy steels, cast iron and heat-resistant steels up to HRc 70.

This new-generation X-Power cutter is made from a fine micrograin premium-grade carbide, which is processed in high-temperature furnaces.

These furnaces enable the carbide to be manufactured with a consistent carbide grain structure with no porosity.

After cooling down, the carbide is said to be very tough.

The hard PVD coating on the X-Power carbide cutting tools was developed for its good thermal and chemical stability, making it suitable for high-speed machining on high-hardness materials under extreme cutting conditions, making these cutters ideal for dry cutting.

It is recommended for tool making, mould and die, aerospace and the automotive industry.

The coating helps to protect the tools against premature wear and is suitable for running lights out or on long cutting cycle times.

This enables fast chip removal.

Cutter sizes range from 0.4mm to 25mm in diameter.

Ball nose cutters are ideal for machining difficult-to-cut complex 3D forms.

Corner radius cutters provide strength and protection against chipping.

Six- and eight-flute 45-degree helix cutters are available in long and extra-long sizes.

Miniature cutters are available for machining small complex features.

Two- and four-flute cutters are offered for slotting and side cutting.

Dry cutting is claimed to reduce the need for expensive coolants and productivity is maximised with increased speeds and feeds.

A long tool life is said to be guaranteed thanks to the X-Power coating, which protects against premature wear.

All cutters provide excellent component surface finish, according to the company.

Faster cycle times also lead to cost savings.

Full technical back-up is offered on cutter selection, speed feeds and recommended depths of cut.

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