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Cypress Semiconductor has introduced the PSoC Creator integrated development environment (IDE) for the PSoC 3 and PSoC 5 programmable system-on-chip families.

The new design software enables engineers to design the way they think, using schematic-based design capture along with certified, pre-packaged peripherals to keep system creation independent of the target PSoC device.

Instead of trawling through device documentation and memorising register maps, users simply lay out the design, just as they would on paper or a whiteboard, and let the tool translate it into the PSoC configuration.

With PSoC Creator, customers create designs according to application requirements – not the limitations of the target device.

Re-targeting to new devices is as simple as rebuilding an application, so porting designs between PSoC devices becomes a snap, including migrating working designs from 8- to 32-bit devices.

PSoC Creator combines a software development IDE with a graphical design editor to form a hardware/software co-design environment.

It provides a library of dozens of pre-configured analogue and digital peripherals that can be dropped into the schematic design canvas and combined into systems.

The tool automatically routes all on-chip signals and can even direct input/output (I/O) to the optimum pins if desired.

Each peripheral component is carefully parameterised so that the implementation can be optimised to fit the developer’s needs perfectly with no wasted resources.

The build process generates a consistent, easily remembered set of APIs for each component that allows the software developer to control the hardware without worrying about the underlying implementation.

Customised designs and their associated APIs can be saved in a library for future reuse and shared within an organisation.

Cypress also offers fully functional, free compilers with no code size limitations for both the PSoC 3 and PSoC 5 device families.

The Keil CA51 Compiler for PSoC 3 and the GNU GCC-ARM Compiler for PSoC 5 are both bundled with the PSoC Creator distribution.

PSoC Creator also includes a built-in debugger to support the on-chip debug and trace functionality provided in all PSoC 3 and PSoC 5 devices.

Real-time operating systems supported include Keil RTX51Tiny, Micrium mC/OS-II and Segger Emboss.

PSoC Creator is expandable, so new compilers, editors and real-time operating systems can be added in the future.

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