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Banner Engineering has introduced the D10 Expert Small Object Counter, which can count pharmaceutical pills and agricultural seeds, as well as verify product flow from the nozzle of a chute.

The Small Object Counter consists of a specialised D10 Expert sensor paired with preconfigured PFVCA fibre-optic arrays, creating a two-dimensional sensing field in which objects are readily detected upon breaking any point of the array.

This arrangement makes alignment easier and object positioning control less critical than with traditional, single-point emitter and receiver fibre-optic assemblies – assuring reliable, consistent small-object counting with response times as fast as 150 microseconds.

The Small Object Counter has three major features – Dynamic Event Stretcher (DES), Automatic Compensation and Health Mode Alarm – that make it ideal for challenging small-object counting applications.

DES prevents the double-counting of translucent gel caps and similar small objects.

Both the front and end edge of the object breaking the fibre-optic array could activate a traditional sensor, thus counting the object twice.

With DES, the sensor will detect the front edge of the object and then stretch the duration of that detection event, giving the object time to pass through the array without being counted again.

Automatic Compensation allows the sensor to adapt the switching threshold to its environment in real time.

Small changes due to dust or contamination on the fibre-optic array or small changes caused by ambient temperature shifts are filtered out by the microcontroller, providing consistent, repeatable results.

Health Mode Alarm monitors the sensor’s performance and alerts operators when preventative maintenance should be scheduled to ensure continuous, reliable operation.

The standard PFCVA fibre assemblies recommended for use with the D10 Small Object Counter solve many counting applications.

The fibres can also be used as test platforms to learn about application requirements.

If the preconfigured PFVCA fibre-optic arrays do not solve a specific application, a custom fibre-optic assembly can be requested by contacting a Banner application engineer.

The Small Object Counter also has the following features: 16-bit microcontroller and 12-bit analogue-to-digital converter for high-performance, low-contrast sensing; easy-to-read, user configurable, four-digit display for signal level, percentage blocked or health mode readout; indicators for a continuous readout of operating status; a sleek, ultra-slim 10mm housing that mounts to a standard 35mm DIN rail; three-mode power and speed selection, which optimise detection reliability; and visible red (680nm) sensing beam.

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