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Siltbuster Process Solutions has installed a dissolved air flotation (DAF) unit at Premier Foods’ Ambrosia Creamery in Lifton, Devon, to significantly reduce loading on the effluent plant.

Premier Foods manufactures many popular food brands, including Ambrosia custard and rice pudding, Hovis bread, My Kipling cakes, Sharwoods Asian foods, Batchelors soups, Loyd Grossman sauces and Bisto gravy.

The volume and strength of effluent being discharged can often prove challenging for food production sites in terms of both pressure on the onsite treatment capacity and complying with discharge consents to river or sewer.

At Premier Foods’ Lifton site, the months in the run up to Christmas each year traditionally led to the effluent treatment plant being significantly overloaded, resulting in much higher operating costs and difficulty in maintaining a stable treatment operation.

During 2010, the site decided to seek ways of alleviating this and engaged Siltbuster Process Solutions to assist.

After initial assessment, a D100 packaged lamella DAF plant was recommended and installed to remove solids, fats, oils and grease and the associated chemical oxygen demand (COD).

This reduced the COD loading on the biological treatment stage by about 30 per cent and continues to ensure a stable operation with reduced operating costs.

Clwyd Jones, business unit manager at Siltbuster Process Solutions, said: ‘A treatment plant that is overloaded and unstable can present real problems; costs and demands on operations staff can quickly spiral out of control, not to mention the potential effects on production.

‘This site already had an existing balance tank and good treatment facilities, but the process needed respite by reducing the load at the front end of the works,’ Jones added.

The D100 DAF unit supplied by Siltbuster Process Solutions is the largest mobile hire unit offered by the company.

It uses established solids and liquid separation technology to generate ‘white water’, where micro-fine air bubbles combine with solids, fats and other particulates and rise to the surface of the DAF unit.

The solids thicken on the surface and are automatically removed by a motorised scraper.

The treated water flows into the biological treatment stage of the plant while the solids are taken away for recycling.

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