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Dalsa, part of Adept Electronic Solutions, has developed the Xcelera HS PX8 frame grabber, which is claimed to enhance the performance of traditional image acquisition and processing technology.

The Xcelera HS PX8 leverages the PCI Express (PCIe) platform, which is a point-to-point host interface enabling simultaneous image acquisition and transfer, involving little intervention from the host central processing unit.

Designed with the future requirements of machine vision original equipment manufacturers in mind, Dalsa’s Xcelera HS Series delivers an image acquisition bandwidth of 1.8Gbyte/sec and a host transfer bandwidth of 2GbByte/sec over multiple-lane PCIe implementations.

The Xcelera HS PX8 features: an HS-Link next-generation image acquisition interface; an ultra-compact CX4 cable and connector; a PCIe host interface; a combination of an HS-Link interface and onboard pre-processing functions such as shading correction and Bayer decoding; a Trigger-to-Image Reliability technology framework; built-in support for data forwarding for distributed processing; and a communication channel supporting data rates up to 300Mbyte/sec (600Mbyte/sec total).

The Xcelera HS PX8 frame grabber is supported by Dalsa’s Sapera Essential software package, a machine vision software toolkit that bundles board-level acquisition and control with an advanced image processing capability and now featuring a geometric search tool.

Sapera Essential is designed to deliver the functionality needed to design, develop and deploy machine vision applications while lowering deployment costs.

The HS-Link interface is a new machine vision connectivity interface that carries image data, configuration data and low jitter and real-time triggering signals over a simple network topology supporting cameras, intermediate devices and frame grabbers.

The interface has taken the key strengths of Camera Link and added new features and functions.

HS-Link delivers a scalable bandwidth of 300-6,000Mbytes/sec and 1-20x configurations, while using off-the shelf components.

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