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The Beandevice TOR wireless data-acquisition platform can be used in renewable-energy, process-monitoring, embedded-measurement and building-management applications.

Due to its eight optocoupled measurement channels, it is possible to interface several types of TTL sensor on the Beandevice and then transmit measurements without any wiring concern.

The size of the enclosure is reduced, it is very watertight (with an IP66 index) and has a shocks resistance of 30g for 50ms.

The antenna diversity technology developed by Beanair on the Beandevice TOR allows radio-link optimisation in harsh environments.

Even with a high data rate (until 10kHZ), the electrical consumption of the Beandevice TOR remains ultra low.

Due to the integrated rechargeable battery, continued flow of measurements – even in a case of a power cut – is ensured.

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