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Dart Systems has introduced the Provision PV2 ‘two in one’ industrial endoscope to its Inspection and Location range of products.

The Provision industrial endoscope (or Borescope) now enables expensive and time consuming maintenance and inspection routines to be carried out without fully dismantling engines, machinery, control panels and systems.

Industrial endoscopes are finding popularity with electricians, maintenance engineers, motor mechanics and plumbers, where the operator needs to find information but has limited access to the area to be inspected.

The ‘two in one’ scope system features a flexible 5.8mm-thick shaft along with an additional ‘obedient’ shaft that can be added to give the ability of two scopes in one package.

The ‘two in one’ scope system also utilises additional accessories.

The scope system comes complete with screw-on obedient shaft, threaded mirror, threaded magnet and extra bulb and rugged carry case.

The Provision endoscope has a fully articulated 914mm shaft combined with a halogen light source.

A focus range from 19mm to over 300mm and a 40deg field of view allows views of the smallest points of interest behind control panels, inside engines or even under floorboards.

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