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Pacific has introduced its DAS Brick self-calibrating strain-gauge and transducer data-acquisition system for extreme environments.

A network appliance, it conditions, amplifies and digitises the outputs of up to 16 strain-gauge, bridge or voltage transducers.

The rugged enclosure is designed for installation in wind tunnels, engine test stands and other facilities where it is desired to locate the DAS close to the test article.

The Model 7216, or DAS Brick, is said to feature higher accuracy than most systems designed for a laboratory environment, as it is self calibrating and takes temperature and excitation changes into account.

Accuracy is better than 0.025 per cent over the temperature range 0 to 50C.

It can be used at higher temperatures by supplying it with compressed air.

Up to 256 of the DAS modules may be assembled in a single system of 4,096 channels on a LAN.

The 7216 features: programmable sample rates from 10Hz to 24kHz, time aligned to within 1 microsecond; IRIG time stamping; programmable strain-gauge bridge configuration; gains one to 1,000 calibrated using an internal, NIST-traceable reference; programmable, -80dB/octave low-pass filter; 16 channels in a 51/4 x 73/4 x 12in rugged enclosure; and 28V DC operation.

Pacific Instruments

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