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Solarsoft has revealed that its Dashboard software has been utilised by chilled food distributor Willow Foods to provide rapid access to key performance data and management information.

The software will also bring new visibility to trends and opportunities in sales and productivity, the company said.

By implementing Solarsoft Dashboard, Willow Foods now has a consistently up-to-date and accurate picture of business activity from sourcing to sales and final delivery, allowing managers to make decisions faster and with more confidence.

Willow Foods wanted to develop a clearer understanding of the sources of profits and costs, so that trends could be identified quickly and new campaigns and operating procedures developed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Malcolm Acott, managing director at Willow Foods, said: ‘Our Solarsoft ERP system holds an enormous amount of valuable information, but we wanted the ability to look deeper into the data that it stores, with Dashboard we get a summary analysis presented in simple graphic form but, with the ability to drill into the detail.

‘Users can see what is happening currently within the business.

‘This allows us to devise more effective sales strategies and to improve our internal processes, which impacts on profitability.

‘The flexibility we now have to create our own reports whenever we need them will allow us to respond more quickly, grow our revenues and create tangible time and cost savings across the business,’ he added.

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