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Ishida has developed a data capture system that records data from every pack weighed by up to 100 checkweighers into a single, secure database, providing a source of valuable production data.

The Ishida data capture system (IDCS) offers a range of reporting options to enable production managers to employ state-of-the-art monitoring for legislative compliance.

Ishida said that the system can also help to identify cost-saving opportunities, minimise product giveaway and improve production efficiencies.

The system is compatible across all Ishida DACS checkweigher models.

As well as allowing remote control and set up of the checkweighers, an extensive range of reporting options is available.

Data can be analysed by batch, shift, operator, product or machine, and reports can be fully customised to include production histograms, downtime, checkweigher OEE (overall equipment efficiency) and daily reports.

The information generated can be used to monitor and analyse all types of pack data such as product giveaway and film wastage.

Data is accessed either on site or remotely using secure Ethernet connections; the only software required to interrogate the server-based database being a standard web browser.

To ensure that data from every pack is recorded, if access to the central server is lost, a DACS checkweigher-based memory enables data from approximately 45 million packs to be stored locally.

Once server connection is re-established, this buffered data is automatically added to the central database.

The optional feedback control feature provides the ability to increase or decrease the fill from upstream volumetric and auger fillers.

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