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The Permalog Patroller drive-by data capture system now incorporates the latest Microsoft MapPoint technology and GPS to accurately record the location of each deployed Permalog leak detector.

This means that operators no longer need to go through the time-consuming task of manually marking logger locations.

When each Permalog is deployed, the Patroller uses a wireless handheld scanner to retrieve each logger’s serial number via Bluetooth technology.

This information is then linked to its GPS position with MapPoint software, plotting the network of leak detectors for future reference and analysis on detailed mapping software.

A database of Permalog detectors and their precise whereabouts is built up, along with the latest leak monitoring measurements and instant visual cues for any alerts: a green flag indicates that all is well, and a red flag means there is a leak.

Having the location mapped then makes it easier to quickly despatch leak repair teams directly to the trouble spots.

Historic data for each unit can also be called up, allowing for a systematic analysis of leak positions over time, and all the data can be exported in .csv format for water company GIS systems, to be overlaid onto water network plans.

This information can be used to identify problem areas of the water network in the past, present, and – potentially – future.

Another benefit of automatic location logging is the asset security it offers – no more units lost due to inaccurate or mislaid maps, and easier retrieval for temporary ‘lift and shift’ operations.

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