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The installation of Ishida’s Data Capture System (IDCS) for checkweighers has delivered significant cost savings and production-line optimisation at Polish coffee, tea and cocoa producer, Mokate.

The IDCS is a software solution designed to help factory managers make decisions regarding investment in packing machinery or changes to existing operations and procedures by visualising and indicating where cost savings can be made.

The software records data from every pack weighed by an Ishida checkweigher into a single, secure database.

The reports generated can indicate, for example, how much product is being given away in any given time period or how often lines are not operating when they should.

Following a trial period, the company purchased a further 12 Ishida checkweighers with IDCS software and has now retrofitted the IDCS to all existing checkweighers in its factories.

The software provides full online supervision of production lines, delivering detailed information on individual shifts, production volume, throughput and film consumption, while centralised control eliminates operator errors during product setup.

IDCS also enables effective monitoring and control of the volumetric fillers by using the information from the checkweighers to adjust their filling rates and ensure they are operating at maximum efficiency.

It is able to identify and help resolve problems in other upstream machines such as mixers and feeders.

The system can calculate the amount of film used to produce a particular number of sachets and highlight the amount of wastage through rejected packs or through film losses during machine adjustments.

The IDCS provides detailed reports that can be accessed at each factory or from another location via the internet.

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