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The Amp Netconnect business unit of Tyco Electronics is featuring its range of data centre products and systems at the 2009 Data Centre World Conference and Expo.

It will display a combination of high-density optical fibre and copper solutions with intelligent management capabilities that meet the specific needs of data centres and storage area networks (SANs).

A key new product being featured is the Amp Netconnect Hi-D cable management system for data centres.

This system can increase patch densities by, on average, 30 per cent with improved cable management and user access compared to traditional techniques.

The Hi-D cable management system is designed in such a way that all patch-cable bend radii are controlled from the patch panel through the complete management system.

This ensures that the stipulated requirements of ISO/IEC 11801 – that the bend radius should be a minimum of 25mm for cables with a diameter of less than 6mm and 50mm for those over 6mm – are met.

Also featured is the XG 10G Base-T shielded copper cabling system, which completes the existing Tyco Electronics Amp Netconnect XG cabling system solutions portfolio for 10 gigabit Ethernet.

The XG copper system has been tested to 625 MHz in worst-case scenario installations and has demonstrated a Shannon Capacity of greater than 19Gbit/s.

The Tyco Electronics Amp Netconnect XG shielded cabling system is independently certified to offer full IEEE 802.3an support, as well as exceeding the superior channel requirements of the ISO IEC 11801 Class Ea standards, and the less stringent channel requirements of TIA 568B.2-1 AD 10, while also providing permanent link performance to this standard.

The XG copper system complements the XG fibre cabling system, which includes single-mode fibre and OM3 multimode fibre to support 10Gbit short wave (SX) applications at distances of up to 300m.

Other key products include the MRJ21 pre-terminated copper cabling system, which terminates a single high-performance cable to one MRJ21 connector, replacing up to 12 RJ45 connectors.

Cassettes break out the cabling to standards-based wiring to support technologies like power over Ethernet and VoIP while providing easy migration to Gigabit Ethernet.

The system offers simple plug-and-play installation, high-density interconnection with more ports in less space, and the reliability to handle substantial data streams.

The MRJ21 modular copper cabling system is available with assemblies in various lengths and with MRJ21 to MRJ21 connector, RJ21, or RJ45 modular plug configurations.

The MRJ21 connector technology is being adopted at the I/O board level with server development and network switching OEMs to change the infrastructure platform for the next generation of high-density equipment being introduced into the network infrastructure, in which 16 MRJ21 connectors at the switch feed 96 GbE ports into the network.

The result is much improved density of network equipment and more efficient use of floor space.

The reduction in the number of assemblies at the switch eases the replacement of equipment during the infrastructure life cycle.

The key benefit of this connector design, however, is the reduction in power consumption, which allows double the switch-port density for line cards with only a 15 per cent increase of power.

For fibre applications, the MPO modular fibre-optic cabling system terminates 12 fibres in one MPO connector, which is similar in size to one SC duplex connector.

Modular cassettes provide a transition between the 12 fibres of the MPO connector to MT-RJ, MT-RJ Secure technology, LC, ST-style or SC type interfaces.

This connector interface will provide the basis for next-generation high-speed fibre optic applications such as 100 gigabit and 40 gigabit Ethernet applications.

The MPO system is available in 50 micron standard, 50 micron LOF, and 62.5 micron multimode and single-mode fibre types.

ST-style and SC cassettes each have one MPO connection while MT-RJ, MT-RJ SECURE technology and LC cassettes are available with one or two MPO connections.

The product offering is completed by the Amptrac Integrated Infrastructure Management System: a connectivity management system which optimises data centre port utilisation by accurately tracking and documenting changes as they occur, providing proactive monitoring, preventing costly errors and downtime and increasing productivity.

The easy-to-implement hardware and the Itracs software can be integrated into any new or existing network.

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