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The new Remoteconnect RC45 Telemetry System from McCrometer is a wireless data-collection system designed to provide information via the internet from installed flow meters, pumps and other agricultural water-management sensors operating remotely in the field.

The entry-level system is particularly suitable for farmers and water districts requiring four data inputs or fewer.  

Providing data on a personal computer or wireless mobile device, the system is designed to improve irrigation efficiency by delivering up-to-date water, soil and crop data.  

With 24/7 monitoring capability, the system features an intuitive web-based graphical user interface that notifies operators of any changes in the irrigation system or other sensors via the internet, email, mobile phones, texting and pagers.

It is suitable for application by irrigators and water districts that require a compact, economical system supporting one or two measurement applications in each location.

Key specifications

  • Can be placed within close proximity of the flow meter or water-management sensors — anywhere with open visible access to the sky
  • Installs easily with no site surveys required
  • Retrofits with existing flow meters and sensors from all major manufacturers
  • Features two digital inputs, two analogue inputs and one analogue output 
  • The digital inputs are configured as pulse counters for totalised volumetric measurement or flow rate and for rain-tipping bucket recording
  • The two analogue inputs and one analogue output are configurable for 0–5V, 0–1mA or 4–20mA 
  • Designed for reliable operation in rugged outdoor environments
  • Includes a choice of either a 300mA solar or 110V AC power supply
  • Both power supplies include battery backup with five-year rechargeable battery life
  • Electronics are housed in a heavy-duty NEMA 4-rated polycarbonate enclosure with hinged door and locking clasp for security
  • Data collected by the RC45 System can be used by farmers and irrigators, state organisations, water-conservancy districts and researchers
  • Provides detailed information about how much water is being applied and when it is applied in scheduled irrigation cycles
  • Delivers critical irrigation information that allows farmers and others to optimise water delivery based on weather, humidity, rainfall and requirements for fertiliser and pest treatment

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