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The Windlogger data logger has been developed for logging of real-time wind speed and direction data when using Gill Instruments’ Windsonic ultrasonic wind sensors.

It is part of Richard Paul Russell’s Spacelogger-RS range of data loggers.

The Windlogger is suitable for field data acquisition due to its low power consumption and high-capacity data storage.

Each data record is date and time stamped when it is stored.

A new file (csv) is generated for each day’s worth of data.

The unit uses an MMC mobile card for data storage, which are available with up to 2GBit capacity and will also accept other compatible data storage cards.

After acquiring data, the MMC mobile card is removed from the logger and inserted into a card reader connected via a USB port to a PC.

The stored data files are accessed in the same way as files on the computer’s other disk drives.

The data files may be analysed with any standard spreadsheet program.

The logging interval can be selected from the Windsonic settings of four, two or one reading per second, or set to one reading every two, three or 10 seconds.

With a logging interval of one reading per second, using a 2GBit card, Windlogger will store up to 19 months’ worth of data.

The unit offers wind speed and direction data collection for: weather monitoring; wind farm surveying and operations; construction industry, including crane operations; education and research projects; aviation operations; health and safety; sports and outdoor activities; and agriculture.

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