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Ole has introduced the Logmessage data-logging system for the online and offline recording and analysis of temperature, volts, milliamps and digital signals.

Up to 1,200 samples per second can be measured with a 24-bit analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) before data is recorded to the onboard 1Gb memory or direct to a PC over Ethernet.

Several versions of Logmessage are available to suit up to 30 channels of analogue and digital input/output (I/O), but they all come with memory for 128 million readings and onboard processing.

This allows formulas to be used for compensation, alarm generation using emails, text and digital outputs and real-time control.

The included Profisignal Go software enables measurements to be displayed on a PC in a chart recorder style and to record them to memory.

Optional Profisignal Basic software provides users with a customisable display that could include digital meters, bargraphs, gauges and many other human-machine-interface (HMI) graphics to be used.

The Profisignal Klicks software enables fully automated test routines to be generated.

John Hayward, product sales manager for data acquisition at Ole, said: ‘Profidignal software makes it very easy for engineers to set up and run test projects without actually having to write a software program.

‘In fact, many customers actually run multiple projects simultaneously on one Logmessage, independently from each other,’ he added.

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