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Tinytag data loggers from Gemini Data Loggers are, according to customers, easy to use, stable and reliable, cost effective and built to withstand any accidental rough handling.

Conventional stand-alone temperature and humidity data loggers are a cost-efficient way to monitor a few suspected hot or cold spots on a small site.

If 20 or more points would benefit from being monitored, then intelligent wireless should be used.

Self-configuration is possible using a mesh network where all radio loggers communicate with each other.

The need for manual download is eliminated altogether as the wireless option offers remote and fast access to information at any time via the internal network or internet.

Remote alarm signalling, via e-mail or SMS, can warn the user of problems even if no one is on the site and means that fast, corrective action can be taken.

The wireless data logging system consists of a receiver that is connected to a PC and a number of self-contained, battery-powered radio loggers arranged in a mesh formation that is self healing, which means that if a temporary interruption to the radio signal is experienced, the real-time data hops to another logger within range, or stores it until the obstruction clears.

Gemini Data Loggers

Gemini Data Loggers designs and manufactures Tinytag, self contained and battery operated data loggers for monitoring temperature, humidity, shock, vibration and other environmental parameters in a variety of locations.

Tinytag loggers are suitable for indoor, outdoor and underwater applications, including ATEX hazardous areas, in many industries such as environment, food, logistics, health & laboratories, agriculture, museums, compost, etc.

All Tinytags use the same Tinytag Explorer data logging software for simple configuration of the logger and later compilation and display of results for analysis. It is Window based and data can easily be exported into programs e.g. Excel and Word.

While Tinytag extensive range of off-the-shelf data loggers and probes suit most needs, Gemini Data Loggers can produce custom solutions where required. Tinytag hardware and software are designed and manufactured in house allowing us to be adaptable to the requirements of your application.

Gemini has an in-house calibration laboratory providing UKAS traceable certification.

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