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ISO 50001, Energy management systems – Requirements with guidance for use, provides organisations big and small with a framework for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving an energy management system. With ISO 50001 under revision, businesses should focus on hard data when making energy management decisions.

Data loggers are essential tools for the measurement, documentation and reporting of energy use and consumption. When conducting industrial and office energy audits, data loggers are used to monitor electrical power consumption and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system efficiency by recording measurement data related to current, voltage, temperature, humidity and air flow. Data loggers capture these measurements in intervals, providing an accurate survey of energy consumption and use over time.

To determine the right data logger for your application, consider your requirements for the following:

Measurement accuracy
For example, when monitoring HVAC efficiency in an office space, you may require a temperature measurement accuracy of +/- 2 degrees. However, when monitoring HVAC efficiency in a warehouse storing temperature-sensitive products, you may require a much greater accuracy.

Memory or storage capacity
Memory size relates to the maximum number of readings a data logger can record. Take into account the length of time you will be conducting your energy audit. Also realise that when data recorders are used with different input channels, their maximum memory capacity only refers to one channel. If you use a data logger with four input channels, maximum memory capacity has to be divided into four parts. For example, a four-channel data logger with a maximum memory of 32,000 bytes offers 8,000 bytes for each channel.

Data access
A data logger with an RS 232 interface, USB port or SD memory card allows for convenient data transfer to a computer via a cable, flash drive or SD card reader. Web-based data loggers allow remote access, but typically come at a premium price.

PCE Instruments offers accurate, affordable data loggers for the effective energy auditing of industrial plants, manufacturing floors, climate-controlled storage facilities, research laboratories, office buildings and more.

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PCE Instruments UK Ltd

PCE Instruments offers first-class test devices, control systems, laboratory equipment and scales and balances equipment, particularly for clients from the industrial sector. Repairs and calibration services round off PCE’s range of products and services.

PCE Instruments has been manufacturing and selling high-quality test devices, control systems, laboratory and weighing equipment since 1999. Three German engineers founded the company which now has subsidiaries in many countries and sells test equipment under the trademark “PCE Instruments®”, but also high-value instruments from other renowned producers in the online shops of the countries where PCE has its offices.

PCE Instruments has its headquarters in Germany, where the company was founded, and several offices around the world. The PCE Holding GmbH comprises the following companies: PCE Deutschland GmbH, PCE Produktions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, PCE Instruments UK Ltd, PCE Ibérica S.L., PCE Italia S.R.L., PCE Brookhuis B.V., PCE-Teknik Cihazlar Paz.Tic.Ltd.Şti., PCE Instruments Chile SA, PCE Instruments France EURL, PCE Americas Inc., Pingce (Shenzhen) Technology Ltd., PCE Instruments HK Ltd. and PCE Instruments Polska S.p.z.o.o.

The company supports prospective engineers by granting discounts to universities and offering internship and dissertation opportunities.

PCE constantly develops new products and solutions at their PCE Produktions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH in Germany and seeks to improve their existing products as innovation is an important factor to compete on a saturated market.

PCE’s product range includes durometers to test the hardness of several materials, pressure meters, viscometers for laboratory as well as industrial applications, temperature meters with different measurement ranges, hand-held moisture and humidity meters and permanently installed ones for very specific measuring tasks like concrete moisture measurement or moisture measurement of bulk materials during the process, inspection cameras / borescopes for monitoring and maintenance purposes, condition monitoring equipment like vibration meters for industrial environments, different types of data loggers, e. g. sound level meters, force gauges for tensile and compressive forces as well as adhesion, hanging scales for heavy loads, analytical balances such as counting scales, industrial scales with many different weighing ranges, pallet scales, pH meters for use in industrial laboratories, colorimeters for quality control, laser distance meters, clamp meters / power analysers for AC and DC voltages, Geiger counters, air quality meters, air flow meters and many more. PCE Instruments recently added some new products to their range of sensors for the inline moisture measurement of various products like grain, oil, wood, pellets, other wood products, etc. A product overview can be found here.

Highly skilled technicians are always happy to give advice to customers trying to find the right device or solution for their measuring task or help them with any questions.

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