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Sage is offering data-mining software to companies in the manufacturing industry.

Data mining is a complex analytical process that explores large amounts of data to identify consistent patterns or systematic relationships between variables.

Validating those findings by applying the detected patterns to new data sets provides access to the world of predictive data mining.

Already well established in market research and CRM, data mining reveals likely buying patterns, which is useful when planning marketing campaigns, setting up cross-product promotions, or planning store layout and allocating shelf space.

This enables businesses to direct resources and effort to produce the most effective results.

In manufacturing, the concept is less well known although some areas of the industry have been developing this since the 1990s.

Data-mining software is particularly relevant in complex manufacturing processes that involve many steps.

Manufacturing companies that have invested heavily in measurement and data-storage systems are well placed to gain benefit from data-mining and predictive-modelling software.

Sensors keep track of and store process parameters such as pressures, flow rates, temperatures, efficiencies and other variables that are needed to monitor the process.

Thus huge amounts of data are already being collected and stored.

Data mining can exploit this rich source of information to show where cost savings can be made – identifying where components are over-engineered and where quality improvements can be made by optimising processes.

Further areas for improvement include lowering equipment-maintenance costs by predicting failure and optimising packaging and goods handling.

Current leaders in this field are the high-tech aerospace, automotive and semiconductor industries.

Data mining is a valuable tool to help manufacturers control the processes of manufacturing to improve quality and assist in managing and using resources cost effectively.

At Sage, we’ve developed business wide solutions in the UK specifically for the UK market for over 20 years and currently provide software and services to 760,000 small and medium-sized businesses.

We live and breathe business every day through our people, business software, services and our partners, we are passionate about helping businesses of all sizes achieve their ambitions by helping them to overcome the day-to-day practicalities of running a business, so that they can do business the way they want to.

Our range of business software and services is continually evolving as we constantly innovate. This includes a range of specific manufacturing lead solutions which can be tailored to match your exact industry and deliver key business requirements from the outset. From estimating through to planning, Sage manufacturing software helps you to manage your delivery processes, reduce costs, optimise productivity and production, safe time and ultimately increase revenue.

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