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On Track Record has launched a national database of employees who contribute proactively to health and safety leadership at work.

Employee behaviour that is ‘on track’ with the spirit of employers’ procedures and safety rules is periodically recognised, in a formal manner, by the issue of a record card.

Employees retain the record cards as evidence of their proactivity, which may count further towards team targets and assist them when it comes to annual appraisals.

As part of the initiative, employees also scratch off a small panel on each record card to reveal a random number of points.

Progressive personal achievement levels are linked to predetermined points targets and are published on an internal database for clients; they are also optionally replicated on the On Track Record website.

On Track Record works by applying the principle of positive reinforcement to behaviours that are necessary for achieving personal, team and corporate health and safety objectives.

Recognition increases the value associated with a particular behaviour, which, in time, motivates a person to repeat that choice of behaviour in the future, according to the company.

The result is intended to be a behavioural shift towards a safer workplace based on sound, socially responsible choices.

On Track Record

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