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Devlin Electronics, the exclusive European distributors of Datalux IT hardware, has announced the availability of the Tracer vehicle mount PC.

The Tracer has seen an upgrade of the internal technology, featuring an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, increased memory, a removable hard drive and Microsoft Vista support.

The Tracer now includes improved video and sound capabilities, upgraded wireless connectivity and optional Bluetooth integration.

The 12.1in all-in-one PC and monitor maintains all the features of the original unit.

The unit utilises heat dissipation technology (HDT) rather than a cooling fan; the use of HDT also means the Tracer is sealed to prevent damage from the ingress of liquids and other contaminates.

The Tracer is able to protect itself from the temperature extremes found in vehicles.

If left in an un-air-conditioned vehicle for a period of time in high temperatures, the unit will conduct a safe shutdown to prevent overheating.

In low temperatures, the optional severe-duty hard drive protects the PC from damage.

The PC and monitor can be mounted in the centre of a vehicle on an articulated arm, meaning it can be moved around the cabin of the vehicle.

The design of the unit ensures that it will not compromise the safe deployment of airbags in the event of a crash.

The display is designed to offer a wide viewing angle to both driver and passenger simultaneously.

Another option that has been maintained in this version of the Tracer is the ability to mount the keyboard on the steering wheel while stationary.

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