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Datatrack, a modular business administration and production management system for batch manufacturing and subcontract engineering companies, now features an integrated time and attendance module.

This latest addition is described as a logical extension to Datatrack’s Shop Floor Data Collection module.

It offers extra analysis and records, contributing to overall improvements in efficiency and effectiveness in any manufacturing business, according to the company.

The integrated time and attendance module offers three possibilities for data collection.

These are: time and attendance only with employee records available for analysis or export; time and attendance together with shop-floor data collection, analysing setting and production times independently by clocking on and off jobs and machines; and the standard ‘post-event’ logging of shop-floor data collection with independent analysis on recorded times for setting and production.

Employee time and attendance is a vital element of cost control and productivity levels, so the addition of the time and attendance function is intended to give management reliable statistics.

Analysis options include personnel on site by ‘clocking on and clocking off’, recording holiday leave and waiting time or non-productive times for any reason.

Data input can be provided using a keyboard and a mouse, a barcode reader or a touch screen as well as a mixture of all, depending on equipment available or desirable.

A supervisor module is also available for the editing and correction of input and it contains a full reporting system.

The time and attendance module can also be integrated with the Datatrack Status Board display system to provide real-time displays of attendance, progress and action.

The new module is available for all Datatrack Edition packages (Evolution, Precision, Contract and Ultimate) and gives the user clear options in respect of how he or she wishes to organise the business.

Overall, it provides security and control over employee attendance and shop-floor progress while minimising the administration costs and time traditionally associated with manual recording and control over employees’ activities on the shop floor.

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