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EEMU, a Surrey-based manufacturer of aircraft products, is using PSL Datatrack software to run its business administration and production functions.

EEMU products include seat tables and panels, door louvres and various other products such as orchid holders, which are made from a variety of materials including wood, plastics and alloys, as well as high-value materials such as gold.

The company invested in PSL Datatrack software to help with everything from initial enquiries through to final deliveries.

It also helps the company to maintain its ISO QAR Quality Assurance Certification and Approved Supplier status with customers.

Andy Allan, managing director of EEMU, had previous experience of Datatrack in a sub-contract engineering environment through Linear Precision, an associated EEMU company.

‘As we put together components and services from outside suppliers to create finished products, this process also needs to be carefully project managed from start to finish,’ he said.

‘As an aerospace supplier, we needed a software package that would do this for us with minimal effort from ourselves so that we can devote time to running and expanding the EEMU business successfully,’ he added.

Datatrack has the ability to cope with both the repeat work and the many customised projects that EEMU undertakes.

The Datatrack modules employed by EEMU provide complete control of the supply, manufacturing and assembly processes.

The system produces a process layout (job sheet) and all parts and services bought in are recorded by Datatrack.

In the case of high-specification door louvres, this can cover the supply of frame parts, extrusions, bonding material, paint and services from outside suppliers.

All of the suppliers’ details, costs and quantities are also recorded on Datatrack.

A works order is raised to cover the individual aspects of the manufacturing and assembly process.

The GRN (goods received notes) generates unique batch numbers that remain with the job until despatch, thereby providing full traceability.

All historic information is recorded by Datatrack so that in the event of a repeat order all the details including costs and selling prices can be reviewed.

Some products, such as hinges for galley doors, may have changes in specification requested and details of any customised components are recorded.

Datatrack will then indicate any changes in costs so that at the invoicing stage selling prices can be adjusted accordingly.

Datatrack has replaced all manual recording of the quotation to invoicing process, saving EEMU time on administration.

The company can recall the history of any order and all associated costs including hourly rate tracking.

No job can be overlooked so that there is no risk of failure to invoice a completed job.

All customer invoice paperwork is generated by Datatrack.

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