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PSL’s Datatrack business administration software package has helped a manufacturer of safety equipment ensure that its products and assemblies are fully traceable and can be recalled at any time.

Designed for people working at height, the manufacturer’s descent control units and fall arrestors are the subject of a rigorous in-house quality control regime and have to be regularly independently tested and certified to ensure they meet all currently applicable European safety standards.

All equipment manufactured in house together with stocks of bought-in items are tested and, after the sale, traceability is required throughout the company’s distributor network and through to the end user.

Having examined various types of business administration software to replace the time-consuming manual administration of quality control procedures, PSL’s Datatrack Quality Module software package was selected.

Not only could it meet all of the company’s regular quality control requirements but it could handle special needs such as product recalls and differentiation between land- and marine-based equipment with differing recertification schedules.

The details of every assembly, including individual parts, materials and suppliers’ details, are recorded by Datatrack and a bill of materials and assembly process is specified for the production process.

All information can be immediately retrieved and quality-related documentation, including certificates of conformity for customers and suppliers, can be produced on demand.

The non-conformance feature offers the ability to ‘suspend’ orders under investigation and any non-conformances are linked to the individual purchase and works orders.

With this traceability, if a mistake is made, in house or externally, it is recorded and resolved to prevent the error happening again.

All of these features are standard for the Datatrack Quality Module, which can also be adapted for specific control requirements.

Although the safety products are designed to provide years of good performance, any recalls or recertification requirements have to be administrated correctly.

When a product is delivered to an end user, Datatrack recognises that it is land or marine based and allocates a unique serial number, which, according to its testing schedule, automatically prompts the Quality Module to record the recertification requirements.

PSL Datatrack’s integrated Status Board module displays the recall requirements in real time, showing items due for recertification and warning of items overdue.

In this way, the entire system is automatically monitored from the point of delivery.

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