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Datatronic Distribution has introduced the DR332-1 and DR332-2 choke series with a low-profile surface-mount design.

The series is RoHS compliant and offers reliable protection for data lines in noise-prone environments where EMI/RFI emissions hamper the efficient operation of a range of electronic equipment.

These small-footprint common-mode chokes reduce a wide frequency range of unwanted radiated and common-mode conducted emissions on balanced twisted-pair transmission lines, while passing wanted differential-mode DC currents and signals.

With inductance values ranging from 5uH to 4.7mH, identified by laser marking, Datatronic has provided EMI noise suppression for a wide band of problem frequencies.

Typical applications include modems, instrumentation and telephone switching equipment.

The current range of the DR332 series is 2.5A to 0.2A.

The operating temperature range is -40C to +85C, with a storage temperature range of -40C to +125C.

The DR332-series choke operates over a wide frequency range to more than 100MHz.

It also features environmentally friendly laser part marking.

The footprint of the DR332 series is 9.15mm (length) x 6.0mm (width) x 5.2mm (height) for the DR332-1 and 9.15mm (length) x 6.0mm (width) x 4.8mm (height) for the DR332-2.

They are compatible with high-speed assembly equipment and they are also suitable for high-temperature soldering.

The custom-designed DR332-series chokes can be specified to meet various circuit requirements.

Prices for the DR332-1 start at USD0.26 (GBP0.18) each and for the DR332-2 at USD0.21 each in typical production volumes.

Datatronic Distribution manufactures transformers, inductors, ADSL transformers, LAN filter modules and many other magnetic devices in standard off-the-shelf and custom packages.

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