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The Datron MV-1500 CNC machining centre is designed to handle ‘awkward’-shaped parts and has a novel vertical clamping surface that allows components of up to 1m in height to be machined.

This ‘drop-down’ area is at right angles to the horizontal table, which is 1,500 x 500mm.

This latest addition to the range of Datron Large-format CNC machining centres offers a machining capability for standard and awkward parts, with robust clamping available on both tables.

Exceptionally tall parts or housings can be clamped onto the vertical T-slotted clamping face, with other parts for machining at the back of the machine on the horizontal table.

Parts with an overhang can be positively clamped so that, for example, end faces can be machined easily.

Built with a granite table, the Datron MV-1500 can be equipped with a range of spindles that are capable of operating up to speeds of 60,000rev/min.

Datron design principles have been applied to the MV-1500, to ensure the smallest possible footprint of 2.25 x 2.4m.

Optional extras include a surface-mapping/position-finding optional probe – either Datron or Renishaw – Datron vacuum clamping plates and up to a 30-position toolchanger.

Indexers are also available to increase the machine’s capability for up to five-axis operation, with fast 3D CNC control.

A full tooling package is available from Datron and the MV-1500 is also compatible with other reputable tooling.

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