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Datwyler Cables is set to present a range of products focusing on modern infrastructure solutions for the office sector at Cebit Hanover in Germany.

At the ‘Cebit office’, at the company’s booth, the communication requirements of modern offices will be represented by means of running applications: from high-performance multimedia cabling for data, voice, video and cable television transmissions via ‘wired wireless’ solutions up to power-over-Ethernet solutions.

Among others, Datwyler Cables presents two ‘active’ completely equipped network racks as well as a high-tech conference table, which also serves as a ‘contact bar’ for the visitors.

The latter is supplied with all services – wireless and wired – via special floor-mounted boxes and columns, and is equipped with examples of customised manufactured multimedia connection outlets and several plug techniques.

Datwyler Cables adds the WLAN technologies of Xirrus to its range of solutions for the electrical building infrastructure.

These comprise high-quality, cost-efficient and energy saving WiFi arrays for the professional sector, featuring high ranges, coverage, data throughputs and bandwidths.

The Xirrus management system allows those responsible for the network to perform central configuration, setting and management of the safety features, central performance monitoring of all WiFi channels and central reporting for hundreds of WiFi devices via the installed layer three-network.

Furthermore, the ‘Cebit office’ of Datwyler Cables gives an insight into the intelligent building automation technique including the halogen-free flat cable system Ecobus.

Moreover, with the Pyrosys solution, Datwyler Cables offers complete safety cable systems with integrated functional integrity from E30 to E90.

Following up the Cebit presentation of the previous year, Datwyler Cables presents current new developments for the cabling of data centres.

A new application brochure will be available at the booth regarding this topic.

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