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Datwyler is offering cable clips with 2D barcodes designed to simplify network management in server rooms and computer centres, for example.

In complex networks, particularly in computer centres, the detection and clear identification of all network components is a prerequisite both for comprehensive, standards-compliant documentation and for the management of the same – including stock management, ordering and maintenance.

Datwyler patch cord clips enable users to detect and clearly identify patch cables by scanner and to simplify overall infrastructure management.

To save time and money, it should be possible to document and manage all cables and components automatically using barcodes, scanners and appropriate software, without expensive manual entries.

Patch cords with cable clips and 2D barcodes permit the simple, error-free detection and identification by scanner.

Cable clips are suitable for use in server rooms and computer centres with more than 500 cords in which documentation is specified by EN50174-1:2009-09.

The printed article and serial numbers, which can be customer specific, provide a unique identification on both sides of each patch cable.

The 2D barcode number also contains information such as quality or category, length and colour.

To simplify scanning, each cable clip – as distinct from self-laminating labels – can be moved to an easily readable position without ‘slipping down’, as frequently happens with flags.

In the second quarter of 2011, Datwyler will upgrade the Panorama and Panorama Cabling View management software solutions – the latter specifically for the planning and documentation of cabling infrastructures – by appropriate barcode features for all patch cables and components.

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