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Datwyler has added two cabling solutions to its range of integrated products for data centre applications.

According to the company, both additions enable customer-specific plug-and-play fibre-optic installations with maximum transmission rates and packing densities.

The MTP-on-LCQ modular system is compatible with all applications with duplex signals, as well as parallel optics applications such as 40/100G Ethernet and 120G Infiniband.

Datwyler is also offering a revised version of its Modular High Density (MHD) product, which features improved fibre-optic adapters.

Key information

MTP-on-LCQ solution

  • Based on the OV-BG (3 HU) housing, this product can be equipped with a maximum of 12 pre-assembled cartridges
  • Each cartridge provides two 12-fold MTP adapters at the rear, which are routed to six LC Quad adapters at the front via internal fibre ducts
  • Connectors are supplied by Datwyler in OM3 and OS2 variants
  • For the cabling, the company provides pre-terminated mini multiple cables (or ‘trunks’) that are connected to MTP plugs

MHD solution

  • Available with copper and fibre-optic cartridges, this product is offered with improved multi-fibre adapters
  • Improvements relate to the insertion loss and return loss at the MTP connection technology of all optical cartridges and all fibre-optic multiple cables in multi mode (OM3 and OM4) and single mode (OS2)
  • Datwyler has optimised the termination and polishing processes by using MTP connectors supplied by US Conec
  • Panorama management system aids the visualisation, monitoring, control and open-loop control of all items in the data centre

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