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Davall has taken delivery of a P400 ES CNC shaping machine tool with additional electronic controls to help produce both spur and helical gearing without the need for expensive guide systems.

This investment also enables Davall to routinely achieve AGMA 9/10 (ISO 7/8) grade manufacture without the need for gear grinding.

The machine is also fitted with an additional two-axis control allowing the manufacture of tapered internal and external spur and helical gears.

Davall is also able to offer Spiradrive, this is the name given to a specific type of skew-axis gearing – gearing in which the axis of the gear and pinion are at right angles but do not intersect.

Spiradrive gears are sometimes referred to as screw-type gearing, this being a general description of the meshing action of the gear and pinion (the equivalent description for spur and bevel gears would be rolling-type gears).

Spiradrive gearsets comprise two members: a gear and a pinion.

By definition the pinion has fewer teeth (or threads) and is normally the driving member, and the driven member is a face-type gear resembling a spiral bevel or hypoid gear.

Spiradrive gears are unusual in that, unlike other forms of gearing such as spur, helical and bevel gears, their design does not involve the use of standard involute tooth shapes and conventional tooth pitch sizes such as diametral pitch (DP) and metric modular pitch )Mod).

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