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Hy-Lok USA has added customisable double block and bleed valves to its product line.

Double block and bleed valves, also known as DBB isolation valves, provide an alternative to multi-valve systems by combining typical block and bleed components into a compact unit.

Hy-Lok double block and bleed valves are integrally forged one-piece assemblies used for the primary isolation of pressure take-off and process flow.

Double block and bleed valves reduce the need for costly multi-valve systems, minimise potential leak paths and provide significant weight savings.

The DBB valves’ compact design is ideal for instrument isolation, chemical injection, gauge isolation, oil and gas production, and direct or remote mounting of instruments.

Customers have the option of choosing from a large inventory of ready-to-ship DBB valves or custom designing a solution optimised for their particular system.

Additional benefits include uninterrupted flow for negligible pressure drop, low maintenance requirements, and a smaller profile to reduce the risk of vibration damage.

Optional DBB features include probes, check valves, seat wipers and injection quills.

Double block and bleed valves are available in modular, monoflange and root configurations and can be fitted with optional one-way check valves for chemical-injection applications.

DBB valves meet ANSI/ASME design standards and are quality assurance tested to meet ISO 9001 standards.

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