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Cissoid has released a scalable reference design and demonstration boards for high-temperature, high-voltage, isolated DC-DC converters for both industrial and aeronautic applications.

The Stromboli converters operate reliably and with high efficiency from -55C to +225C, according to the company.

Stromboli can convert input voltages up to 400V into multiple – or symmetrical if required – output voltages up to +/-25V.

The galvanic isolation between inputs and outputs is at least 10mohm at 500V.

The Stromboli technology includes an application note, a reference design and a demonstration board with the related datasheet, schematics and bill of materials (BOM).

The demonstration board is available in two versions, optimised for input voltage ranges of 15-40V or 150-350V.

They both provide a symmetrical output at +/-12V and can deliver 25W with efficiencies up to 70 per cent at 225C.

Besides these examples, Stromboli technology can be used to build isolated DC-DC converters delivering up to 150W output power.

The input voltage range can be adapted to cover the 540V input voltage requirement of industrial applications and the level of isolation can be brought as high as the 2.5kV required for some aeronautics applications.

The Stromboli design is based on fly-back architecture, making the technology flexible, scalable and adaptable for various needs.

For high output powers a synchronous rectification is implemented for improved efficiency, while for low power levels standard rectification can simplify the BOM.

A magnetic feedback provides the output voltage temperature stability and the load regulation.

Stromboli features Cissoid’s chipset Magma and Hyperion ranges and high-temperature transistors from the Planet series.

The new technology also features an under-voltage-lockout (UVLO) function and the pulse-by-pulse current sensing provides intrinsic output current limitation in case of overload or short circuits.

With Stromboli, the company further extends its Volcano range of DC-DC converters that operate under extreme temperatures.

While Etna, Vesuvio and Erebus target point-of-load applications, Stromboli provides galvanic isolation and symmetrical outputs, together with an extended range of input voltages.

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