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Safety Power Group has introduced a range of air-cooled programmable DC electronic loads (e-loads) that offer a small footprint to save rack space in automatic test equipment (ATE) applications.

The PLA series of air-cooled DC electronic e-loads features high power density and current rating, along with a range of high-voltage models.

Offering current ratings from 800W to 250kW, the PLA series can also be custom-tailored to meets users’ exact application requirements.

Besides their ultra-compact air-cooled footprint, PLA e-loads are ‘zero’ stackable to save rack space, while maximum return on investment (RoI) is ensured via closed-case calibration, without the need for units to be sent back to the factory or third-party lab for calibration.

Additional features include ultra-low voltage operation at thousands of amps, individual FET protection to isolate power-stage failures, redundant over-temperature and over-power protection, and fast response – 50sec independently programmable rise/fall time.

Safety Power’s PLA series offers voltage ratings from 60 to 1,000V that operate at full current at 0.6V.

The current dissipation of these loads can be as high at 1,500A standard, but will reach much higher levels when units are connected in parallel.

The PLA series is available in 800W and 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5 and 7.5kW ratings as standard, with higher-wattage systems of 100kW and above available to special order.

The front-panel design of the PLA series e-loads makes them easy to set up, use and understand.

Buttons and knobs are organised in a manner that gets customers up and running in minutes and most commonly performed operations can be accomplished in a few keystrokes.

All PLA series air-cooled loads feature RS-232 and GPIB IEEE-488 as standard, with connectors for both on the rear panel.

Ethernet and USB interfaces are available as options that are field-installable by the end user with minimal effort.

The PLA series provides three levels of oscillation protection and can compensate for extended wire lengths.

A minimal amount of cabling and other in-line components that introduce inductance is recommended to reduce the likelihood of oscillation.

However, the oscillation protection can be set to slow down the load and improve performance.

This feature will save the electronic load from failing due to very large spikes in voltage and current caused by inductance in the input wiring.

Applications: energy storage; ultra capacitor testing and validation; DC power supply and battery charger validation and testing; fuel-cell durability; lifetime and performance characterisation; single-cell and short-stack fuel-cell characterisation; EIS/impedance measurement; defence/aerospace and avionics ATE; electronics and power sources testing; thin-film, single and polysilicone PV design validation and testing; power supply; power electronic components validation and testing; industrial applications; generator/alternator; UPS/battery banks; datacentre backup power; automotive power electronics and components; lab/benchtop applications for RandD, testing and QC engineers; DC distribution and DC-DC converters; universities; national research labs.

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