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Rotron brushless DC motors from Ametek, engineered for applications on board heavy-duty transit buses, coaches and other vehicles, deliver long-life power solutions serving up to 60,000 hours.

These motors in two standard frame sizes (47 and 64) employ electronic commutation to operate virtually maintenance free and can outlive conventional brush-commutated motor products prone to failure from brush wear, according to the company.

Applications include fans, blowers, pumps and compressors from 0.5hp to 2.25hp, depending on the model.

Both motor types integrate rare-earth magnets for high-torque/-weight ratio, accept a wide range of voltage inputs (12VDC, 24VDC, 37VDC, 74VDC, 90VDC and 110VDC) and offer protection against reverse-polarity and voltage surges.

The 47 Frame motor series (in 6.08in and 6.68in lengths) incorporates integral electronics enabling two-wire DC operation.

It can achieve continuous torque up to 50oz-in and speeds up to 4,425rev/min, with optional accelerated speed capabilities up to 10,000rev/min.

Other options include MS connectors, O-ring sealing for harsh environments and bi-directional operation.

The 64 Frame motor series (in 7.08in, 10.125in, 10.36in and 13.34in lengths) can achieve continuous torque up to 800oz-in and speeds up to 3,900rev/min.

The motors are sealed with O-rings as standard.

Drop-in replacement motor designs can be developed for existing brush motors to accommodate OEM or retrofit applications.

Both motor types can be ordered with custom shaft and mounting configurations (foot and face) and winding variations to meet exact speed/torque/voltage point.

They can be customised to satisfy particular application requirements.

Complete blower, fan and pump systems equipped with these motors can be supplied as total system solutions.

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