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Tektronix’s PWS4000 programmable and PWS2000 DC power supplies are designed to deliver wide current and voltage ranges for maximum versatility across a variety of applications.

Offering integrate with other Tektronix bench instruments such as oscilloscopes and digital multimeters, they are ideal for design engineers who require high-performance, feature-rich power supplies.

The supplies compliment the FCA3000/3100 and MCA3000 Series timer/counter/analysers that are also being introduced by Tektronix.

With wide current and voltage ranges, plus up to 0.1mA and 1mV resolution, engineers using the PWS2000 or PWS4000 series can precisely generate the power needed for their application.

A numeric keypad for direct key-in entry and up to 40 user-defined setup memories make voltage and current selection fast and precise.

The PWS4000 series offers up to 72V output voltage with 0.03 per cent basic voltage accuracy and 0.05 per cent basic current accuracy.

The PWS2000 Series also provides up to 72V output voltage with 0.05 per cent basic voltage accuracy and 0.2 per cent basic current accuracy.

Combined with a specification of less than 5mVp-p noise and ripple on the output, these models provide accurate, clean power delivery.

To facilitate the execution of test procedures, the PWS4000 Series provides a built-in list mode that allows users to define up to seven lists with up to 80 steps per list.

Lists can be configured to step through the sequence based on external triggers or front-panel button presses.

Alternately, users can specify the duration for each step and the instrument will automatically step through the sequence.

The PWS4000 series provides plug-and-play connectivity to a personal computer with its USB device port.

Since the instruments are USBTMC compliant, they can be easily controlled using any software development tool that supports this industry-standard protocol.

To automate tasks requiring multiple test instruments, customers can use the included Labview Signalexpress Tektronix Edition software from National Instruments to remotely control supported Tektronix instruments from a Windows-based personal computer.

This offers the ability to perform measurements, analyse data across multiple instruments, capture and save results, and create reports.

A more advanced version of Signalexpress software is available at additional cost and adds additional analysis, data logging and simulation capabilities.

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