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Safety Power Group has launched a range of high-quality 6000W DC programmable power supplies for bench- or rack-mount test and measurement applications offering stable voltage or current output.

The SM600-10 offers output voltage from 0-600V and current from 0-10A with voltage stability (CV) of 5.10-5 and current stability (CC) of 10.10-5 for duration of eight hours after a one-hour warm-up.

Operating from a three-phase input, the SM600-10 offers low output ripple and spikes, good dynamic response to load changes and is protected against all overload and short-circuit conditions.

Accurate output voltage and current control is via 10-turn potentiometers or optional digital encoders for use in automatic test equipment applications.

The unit is programmable via 0-5V analogue voltage (on both voltage and current), isolated analogue, Ethernet, RS232 or IEEE488 interface options.

Low HF emissions ensure that the SM600-10 can be used safely near sensitive equipment while immunity makes the unit suitable for operation in industrial environments.

SM600-10 power supplies can also be used in master/slave parallel and series operation with equal current and voltage sharing.

In these configurations, two or more standard units can be combined to form a single high-power unit where required.

High-speed programming is achieved by using smaller output capacitors to ensure relatively low current overshoots (if any) in case of sudden voltage variations caused by the load.

This is said to be of advantage in laser diode applications or any test application requiring a fast settling time to improve factory throughput.

Additional applications include photovoltaic control systems, hybrid vehicle technology and battery charging systems.

Designed to operate at full power for long life, the SM600-10 is said to deliver efficiency up to 90 per cent with active power factor correction of 0.98 and features a variable-speed silent blower for cooling that only runs when required.

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