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A range of DC switch disconnectors and string boxes for photovoltaic (PV) applications is available from Switchtec.

For use in renewable energy applications, the Telergon switches’ main area of use is when isolating the DC supply from a photovoltaic array.

These switches are used as the main on/off switch or isolating switch for DC applications.

The switches are usually deployed before an inverter, which converts the generated voltage from DC to AC.

Important users and application areas for the switches are PV Installers, PV kitters, PV arrays, DC switching applications and panel builders.

Telergon has developed this range of DC switches specifically for the renewable-energy market and, in particular, solar-energy or photovoltaic-energy industries.

The DCN switches in the range are two-pole switches rated 16, 25, 32, 65 and 200A, and rated to switch 1,000VDC.

All are supplied in grey with a black handle – alternatively a red and yellow padlockable handle, lockable in the off position.

All handles are door interlocked, so enclosure doors cannot be opened with the switch in the on position.

The DCN switches operate with a knife-switch mechanism configured so that when the switch is operated the operation gives a double break, minimising arcing.

With the rotary action this gives continued contact integrity over the life of the product and also gives the product an extremely high short-circuit withstand current.

Also available is the ACN switch disconnector series that are the matching AC switches (fitted after the inverter) to the DCN series.

The complimentary CFV string boxes are rated at 10A and are available in capacities from two to 15 strings.

They are equipped with a DC load break switch, optional surge protection and DC fuses.

Customisation of boxes and higher ratings are available upon request.

Also available from Switchtec are Telergon’s S5000 panel-mount DC switch disconnectors, DC 10 x 38 gPV fuses, DC 10 x 38 fuse carrier and surge arresters, all rated to 1,000V DC.

For durability and reliability, all of the enclosed switches are mounted in IP65 plastic enclosures, making them suitable for outside applications.

All the switches conform to IEC 60364-7-712, are CE marked and have been approved by Arsenal Research.

The Telergon range of switch disconnectors for PV applications has been developed for arduous DC applications, giving high reliability switching of DC voltages within solar installations.

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