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Powerstax has launched the F501 high-power off-the-shelf DC/DC converter for applications including military and commercial vehicle-based mobile wireless, radar systems and security systems.

The 500W output, full-brick, high-efficiency converters have been designed to provide both conventional step-down voltage conversion as well as step-up conversion.

The key to this is the patented integrated magnetic, which combines the transformer and inductors for the converter on a single assembly, allowing high-efficiency conversion and simple-to-achieve custom-voltage configurations.

By combining a number of F501s in a series, a DC output up to 1,200V may be created from a 12V input and up to 8kW of output power can be obtained by running them in parallel.

The F501 achieves power density of 5.53w/cm (90w/in) and up to 90 per cent efficiencies.

With fixed-frequency operation and low ripple, the F501 is said to be ideally suited for the telecoms and IT industries, while automated production and test ensure high reliability.

In-built protection features include over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection and short-circuit protection, as well as a thermal monitoring signal to provide early warning of potential system faults.

Powerstax F501 DC/DC converters carry a two-year warranty, are fully safety agency approved and include the following features: standard ‘full-brick’ package measuring 116.8 x 61 x 12.7mm; low input and output ripple currents; input transient voltage protection; thermal monitoring voltage; single connection for parallel operation to provide true N+1 redundancy capability; no need for master/slave operation; external synchronisation facility; hot plug-in capability; remote sensing provided; remote shutdown; wide input voltage range; output current monitor voltage; thermal protection and current limit protection; Step-Up version also available, for example 12Vi to 28Vo.

Typical applications for the Powerstax F501 include military and commercial vehicle-based mobile wireless, radar systems and communication systems, telecom infrastructure and security systems.

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