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Intersil has introduced a version of its ISL8200M DC/DC power module that is designed for defence, harsh environment and avionics applications.

The ISL8200MM point-of-load DC/DC power module complies with specifications of the Defense Supply Center (DSCC) VID V62/10608.

It provides a complete switch-mode power supply in a single package with full mil-temp electrical performance from -55 to 125C and is built using a tin-lead finish to assure optimal long-term reliability.

Full traceability is provided through assembly and test by date/trace code assignment, and Intersil provides enhanced process change notification.

Combined with parallel load current scalability and extended leads on its QFN package, the ISL8200MM is suitable for defence communications equipment, radar, sonar, defence ground vehicles and smart ordinance applications.

The ISL8200MM uses Intersil’s patented current share architecture to reduce PCB layout noise sensitivity when modules are used in parallel.

The device incorporates almost all of the components required to deliver a plug-and-play solution, replacing as many as 40 different components.

This high level of integration simplifies and speeds designs while reducing the power-management footprint.

A thermally efficient 23-lead, 15 x 15mm QFN package with large conductive pads on the bottom enables output power levels up to 60W.

Internal high power components such as power MOSFETs and inductors are soldered directly to the conductive pads, enabling efficient heat transfer from the module to the PCB.

Using thermal vias on the PCB results in a typical thermal resistance (theta JA) of 13C/W.

Because most heat transfer is through the PCB, airflow is generally not required.

The module’s QFN package has exposed leads around its perimeter, which allows access to pins for debug and solder-joint verification.

The ISL8200MM’s 2.2mm profile allows it to be mounted to the bottom side of the PCB with other low-profile components.

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