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GW Instek’s AFG-2100/2000 series arbitrary function generator, available from Caltest Instruments, is designed to accommodate the educational and basic industrial requirements for an accurate signal source covering the output of sine, square (pulse), ramp (triangle), noise and arbitrary waveforms.

The direct digital synthesised (DDS)-based series of signal generators includes six models in three frequency bands: 25MHz, 12MHz and 5MHz.

The AFG-2100/2000 features a human interface that enables users to set waveform parameters such as waveform type, frequency, amplitude, DC offset, modulation type and duty cycle, through keypad entry and/or the knob selection, and that displays the set parameters on the 3.5in (8.9cm) LCD screen.

The signal generator is equipped with a USB device interface to enable remote control and waveform editing through a PC.

The included waveform editing software facilitates waveform creation on a PC; after editing is done, the user is able to download the waveform data from the PC to the AFG-2100/2000 device for signal output.

Key specifications

  • 20MSa/sec sampling rate
  • 10-bit vertical resolution
  • 4k point memory
  • 1–99 per cent adjustable duty cycle for square waveform

Caltest Instruments

Caltest Instruments Ltd are a specialised distributor of power sources, test instrumentation and calibration equipment in the UK and Ireland. Caltest are the exclusive distributor for most of the companies represented and provide in depth technical support both pre and post sale. Caltest operate a high accuracy UKAS accredited Calibration Laboratory at the Service Department in Surrey, which specialises in Power and Energy Calibration.

A large range of rental and demonstration equipment is also available, including AC power sources, Caltest can provide the rental equipment you require within 24 hours of order acceptance.

Caltest offers unmatched knowledge, advice and support. We provide customers with a full range of facilities and service that makes us unique in the distribution industry.

Companies Represented include: Voltech, LeCroy, PPS, GW Instek, Sefelec, Tabor, Kepco and many more.

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