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Air Control Industries (ACI) has supplied its Jetblack blower-powered personnel de-dusting system to replace a more dangerous cleaning method used at the RNLI.

The RNLI provides a 24-hour lifeboat search-and-rescue service around the coasts of the UK and Republic of Ireland, plus a seasonal lifeguard service on many of the busiest beaches in England and Wales.

Central to the life-saving service provided by the RNLI is its fleet of custom-built boats.

Since April 2009, the hulls for its Tamar class of lifeboats have been built in the RNLI’s dedicated facility in Lymington, Hampshire.

The hull of the Tamar comprises a glass and carbon-fibre-reinforced composite that demands both specialist boat-building skills to fabricate and large process ovens to cure the resins.

Much of the preparation of the hulls involves manual sanding, which naturally produces a lot of dust.

This is despite the fact each sanding machine is linked directly to an extraction system and some of the dust finds its way onto operator clothing.

To remove this dust, operators were previously using compressed air nozzles.

Recognising this practice as being extremely dangerous, Craig Bunn, health and safety manager, sought and found a safe alternative – ACI’s Jetblack, a blower-powered personnel de-dusting system installed in a purpose-built cubicle.

The Jetblack delivers a high volume of air at low pressure (2psi) that can be aimed directly at the skin.

It is used widely by companies with applications generating dust that can be deposited on employees’ clothes.

The cubicle is a new addition to the options offered with the Jetblack.

It can be supplied with an extraction fan that can be linked to a central extraction system or a standalone dust-collection unit.

This prevents clothes being recoated by airborne dust while also drawing it downwards from the user’s eyes and mouth.

Air enters the cubicle via an inlet in the ceiling and the dust is collected in a 157-litre receptacle beneath the floor.

Air Control Industries

Air Control Industries (ACI) is a leading global provider of industrial air movement products.

We analyse the application and select or design the product with the right materials, performance and environmental characteristics to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

ACI has the expertise to help satisfy all your air handling requirements, be it cooling drying or spreading.

Since 1969, ACI has been designing and manufacturing fans and blowers, both for general applications and for specific tasks that demand custom-engineered solutions. We have also been developing value-added products employing our fans and blowers.

These include Airknives, bottle/can-drying systems for the drinks industry and our extruded product/cable/wire drying unit. All are employed around the world by leading international companies.

Another ACI innovation for the health and hygiene market is our Jetblack personnel cleaning stations. Being blower powered, Jetblack provides a safe and economic method of de-dusting personnel. To extend options for our customers, we also offer EBM-Papst products, for which we are the exclusive distributor.

ACI has around 50 employees split between its UK headquarters in Chard, Somerset, and its US subsidiary in Maine, New England. There is a network of overseas distributors to provide international sales and support.

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