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South London apartments were in danger of experiencing freezing conditions after a boiler breakdown in the development’s boiler room. Barratt Homes’ upmarket river Thames complex had an oil system installed by a separate boiler hire company. Barratt soon discovered that the system was woefully inadequate to provide reliable energy for a development of this size.

The boiler that had broken down was unsuitable, its size and type was incapable of meeting demand. The boiler had proved unreliable since installation causing inconvenience, stress and a costly drain on time and resources. Ultimately, the boiler failed, leaving Barratt Homes with the problem of quickly finding a replacement boiler of a large enough capacity to provide a constant supply. Research to find a reliable temporary boiler hire company led Barratt Homes to choose Ideal Heat Solutions.

Ideal Heat Solutions designed, procured, built and installed a 1120kW temporary boiler plant using our usual high-quality materials and equipment. The boiler would undergo sustained and continuous use and needed to be a reliable and trustworthy solution. Within a short time, the 1,120kW boiler was supplying all 240 homes with heat and hot water, and normal service was resumed.

Ideal Heat Solutions’ temporary boilers are supplied with the Trend 963 modem remote monitoring technology. Within the 11 months the boiler was in situ, the system alerted the company to three minor issues as they arose. Each time, the precise nature of the problem was communicated immediately via modem to Ideal’s HQ. Engineers arrived on site within an hour, equipped with knowledge of the issue and the tools required to prevent any escalation and avoid any disruption to service.

Ideal Heat Solutions

Ideal Heat Solutions is the leading supplier of temporary boilers, heaters and chillers. Their boiler range starts with the 22kW electric boiler and continues with a range of gas/oil packaged boilers including: 250kW, 500kW, 600kW, 750kW, right up to the 1.2MW packaged boiler plant rooms.

Ideal heat Solutions has been the trusted supplier of temporary heaters, boilers and chillers across a vast array of industries in the Home Counties since 2010. Our commercial, state-of-the-art heating and chilling equipment is installed by OFTEC accredited, fully insured engineers to solve all commercial heating and chilling requirements.

Ideal Heat’s ever increasing client base can depend on us for a rapid response and efficient service minimising any impact on the workplace. We understand the consequences of a breakdown on a business: inconvenience, cost and the potential ongoing effects to customer service. We aim to be onsite within 24 hours, working with our clients to achieve the best outcome in the quickest time frame.

For planned or emergency installations of temporary boilers, heaters and chillers, Ideal Heat engineers accurately assess any situation to provide the optimal solution. Spearheading the way forward with market leading technology, Ideal Heat’s plant solutions combine efficiency with reliability, one less thing for our clients to worry about. With Safe Contractor approval, our accredited, highly trained engineers take pride in the highest standards of service.

24 Hour, seven days a week service means that Ideal Heat can work around the client to drastically reduce any disruption to the business and complete all services with impressive efficiency. We can offer advice to guide decision making, we keep clients informed and work alongside them throughout the process and we are there for after-care support if our clients need us. A complete, start-to-finish solution that contributes to the smooth-running of any operation. Ideal heat Solutions, providing the peace of mind of knowing you are in safe hands

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