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RSA has revealed its belief that deburring systems open up high potential for rationalisation, following conversations with pre-production practitioners at Euroblech.

The company said the high potential for rationalisation is currently being underachieved, and gave a manufacturer of agriculture machines as an example.

At the pre-production of the hydraulic tubes, until a short time ago, the outside burrs were removed with a file and the inside burrs with a spot facer.

The company now uses RSA’s Turnamat deburring system.

Here, a high performance brush operates as tool.

Besides the rotating movement, the high-performance brush makes a second rotation: it turns on its own axis.

This second rotation assures a complete deburring of the tube and section edges without having to turn the workpiece manually.

According to the agriculture machines manufacturer, the advantages of this system are the reproducibility of the deburring results, simplified handling for the operator and a reduction of the deburring costs.

Based on the daily production of about 700 workpieces, the amortisation period of the company was less than two months.

In many areas of the pre-production, especially within the automotive supply industry, where high quantities are reached, deburring with high-performance brushes is well-established.

The necessity of perfect quality and highest assembly simplification do not allow deburring methods, which are dependent on the qualification of the operator.

RSA has developed different fully automatic deburring systems especially for high quantities.

However, there is also a lot of potential for rationalisation in this area.

This is the interlinking of different working steps.

The direct interlinking of deburring systems with preceding saws of other suppliers or the interlinking of cleaning modules with existing machines leads to reduced processing times.

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